It's a pleasure to meet you my name is JY! pronounced like "Gee/Tschii"

23 | GER/ENG | Hobby illustrator and freelancer Artist | SFW/ NSFW digital drawings | Little animation | CosplayOccupied with Zines, Shop and CommissionsDON'T USE MY ART/REPOST WITHOUT PERMISSION!

Lastly updated: 03.06.23

Overhaul Steampunk
Chronohaul Balcony Scene

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GOOGLE DRIVE LINK: https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1y-NGVByVvSAhmNEa6qnenTNDLENkJ9Mk?usp=sharingIncludes all Zines-/ Events- & Projects Illustrations SFW & NSFW

Please notice all Illustrations are web optimized which means they are lower quality and do not represent the original resolution!







All projects are listed in chronological order, starting with the newest at the top. Role within the event and current status are listed as well!

Chronostasis BNHA Bad Rituals Zine Kinktober
Filth NSFW Overhaul ZineArtist/ Merch ArtistCreation Period
Like Family: Suguru and Twins ZineContributor ArtistShipping Phase
Oasis: JJK Rairpair ZineContributor ArtistPreview Posting Phase
BNHA NSFW Domme Femdom ZineContributor ArtistShipping Phase
Senrio Zine Let's Smile TogetherGraphic Mod & Co. FormattingCompleted
BNHA Touch Starved Shigaraki NSFW ZineContributor Merch ArtistShipping Phase
BNHA Self Care ZineCo Head mod, Graphics/ Co Formatting Mod, Co Art ModCompleted
Naruto - 七 - A Team Seven Fashion ZineContributor - ArtistCompleted
Solo Leveling ZineContributor - ArtistCompleted
BNHA Christmas Countdown Merch ZineShort time Co Graphic ModCompleted
BNHAxReader ZineContributor - Guest ArtistHiatus
Dog Days BNHA Summer ZineContributor - ArtistCompleted
A Tall Affair Lady Dimitrescu ZineContributor - ArtistCompleted
BNHA Eri ZineHead mod, Graphics/ Formatting Mod, Art Mod & Contributor - ArtistCompleted
L'art Occulte Ultra ArcanaContributor - ArtistShipping Order Phase - illustration finished
BNHA redemption Villain ZineContributor - ArtistCompleted
Naruto x BNHA Crossover Zine winner of Quirky HC ExamsContributor - ArtistCompleted
Ambiguity Vigilante / villain Midoriya Izuku ZineContributor - ArtistCompleted
Vocaloid Fashion ZineContributor - ArtistCompleted
Bad Rituals NSFW BNHA Villain ZineContributor - ArtistCompleted
NSFW Overhaul ZineContributor - ArtistCompleted
Other event projectsRoleStatus
JJK Summer Heat EventContributor ArtistCompleted
BNHA Big Three ExchangeContributor ArtistCompleted
BNHA WLW Bang Violet GardenContributor ArtistCompleted
Chishig week 2022Contributor - ArtistCompleted
BNHA Miruko Secret Easter Bunny ExchangeContributor - ArtistCompleted
Lady Nagant Big BangArt Mod & Graphics ModCompleted
Overhaul Big BangHead mod, Graphics Mod, Art Mod & Contributor - ArtistCompleted
BNHA Big BangerContributor - ArtistCompleted
Shigaraki week 2021Contributor - ArtistCompleted
BNHA After Dark Big BangContributor - ArtistCompleted
Tododeku Big Bang 2021Contributor - ArtistCompleted
Miritama BIG BANG 2020Art Mod, Co Graphics Mod & Contributor - ArtistCompleted
Shie Hassaikai Week 2021Graphic Mod & Contributor ArtistCompleted
Tamaki week 2021Contributor - ArtistCompleted
BNHA Eat Your Heart Out Dark Valentine’s Day eventContributor - ArtistCompleted
Overhawksweek 2020Contributor - ArtistCompleted
BNHA's MonsterballCo Mod & Contributor ArtistCompleted
Mirioweek2020Contributor - ArtistCompleted
Narutofantasyweek2019Contributor - ArtistCompleted
Chronohaulweek2019Contributor - ArtistCompleted
Shisuitaweek2019Contributor - ArtistCompleted
OC Baris and Isamu motorcycle

JY.CC Graphic Portfolio

GOOGLE DRIVE LINK: https://bit.ly/3yGuz3z
Includes all graphics samples done for events - sorted by year and project name
My real life occupation is being a second year student - becoming a media designer.I mainly use Canva for creating all my graphics, but do have access to all Creative Cloud programs such as After effects, Photoshop, Illustrator and indesign. I do own all Affinity programs as well!
All my graphics usually have animated elements.
"Special graphics" or "bigger announcements" include music edited with Audacity!
2022 I formatted the BNHA Serenity Self-Care Zine on my own completely2021 I formatted together with @ArpeggiosMelody Eri Zine via Canva !

Commission me!

TERM & SERVICES: https://bit.ly/3slXf0LSketch:
Headshot: 10€
Half Body: 15€
Full Body: 20€
Extra character: 15€
Extra simple coloring: 12€
Full illustration:
Headshot: 55€
Half Body: 80€
Full Body: 95€
Extra character: 25€
(Background can be added in the all categories - prices changes!)
Simple to more detailed background: 10€/ 20€ Price depends on complexity!
Contact me via:
[email protected]/ Discord or Twitter DM

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